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10 Best Pranayama Techniques To Relieve Stress


It is well-known that besides physical health benefits, yoga has many psychological health benefits too. Yoga consists of many components, each with a specific purpose. One of these components is pranayam. Pranayama refers to specific breathing techniques that people perform as a part of or transition between asanas. Notwithstanding, it is likewise a training all alone. Pranayama breathing is of many types, and just like different asanas, they have different functions too. Some pranayama yoga exercises help you counter fatigue; some allow you to derive energy, some increase concentration, while others increase metabolism. In this post, we will deal with the [...]

10 Best Pranayama Techniques To Relieve Stress2020-11-28T09:44:42+00:00

Why Has Aerial Yoga Become So Popular


One of the reasons for the popularity of yoga in itself is the lack of monotony in its practice. Going to the gym every day, working on the same machines and with the same equipment can make exercise boring. However, giving up physical activity altogether can seriously hamper your health. Yoga provides a great alternative to this. Doing different types of asanas and exercises each day can really make daily exercise interesting. However, not everyone might find it feasible. Someone might have chronic pain, joint problems, or another physical disability that prevents them from practicing regular or conventional yoga styles. But [...]

Why Has Aerial Yoga Become So Popular2020-11-25T10:28:34+00:00

Aerial Yoga Class


Fusion workouts are all the rage these days. People want the benefits of two or more types of workouts rolled into one. As yoga spread to different parts of the world, people not only started adopting it eagerly but they also started combining it with other exercise forms. Aquatic yoga, pilates yoga, barre yoga, Zumba yoga, martial arts yoga - the examples for this are endless. And nothing can really stop one from integrating yoga into any other exercise form. Aerial yoga, also known as antigravity yoga, is a prime example of that.   Like the other fusion yoga forms, aerial [...]

Aerial Yoga Class2020-09-26T17:33:54+00:00

Yoga Retreat in India: A Tell-All Guide to Choosing the Right One


Yoga retreats are a great way to take a break from your daily hectic schedule and enjoy a few days doing what you love - yoga! Yoga is a great way to destress and leave your troubles behind to reconnect with your inner self. After days of slogging away at work and taking care of your home, everyone deserves to rest awhile to be able to get back to it with double the energy and enthusiasm. Those whose schedules and working conditions force them to live unhealthy lifestyles benefit most from yoga retreats. These yoga and meditation retreats restore their health [...]

Yoga Retreat in India: A Tell-All Guide to Choosing the Right One2020-09-16T08:51:50+00:00

Surya Namaskar: The Stepping Stone for Every Yoga Beginner


Whether you are a yoga beginner or pro, Surya Namaskar is something you most certainly know about. After all, the sun salutation poses are the standard starting point of sessions in most types of yoga. The definite origin of Surya Namaskar is hard to pinpoint. But, the person responsible for popularising the modern form of Surya Namaskar is T Krishnamacharya, the “father of modern yoga”. Many of the Surya Namaskar asanas are similar to the dands, which were wrestlers’ exercises. This is plausible since the hall next to Krishnamacharya’s in the palace of the Rajah of Mysore held wrestling classes. Both [...]

Surya Namaskar: The Stepping Stone for Every Yoga Beginner2020-09-16T08:50:01+00:00

Why Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is the Next Logical Step


So you have been practicing yoga for some time now. Maybe you are already a continuing education provider or, even better, a yoga teacher trainer. Now, there are several directions in which you can steer your career. You can aim to become better and better in the style of yoga you teach. You can decide to open your own studio or a yoga school. Or, you can decide to learn another style of yoga and master it. There is no limit to the possibilities that you have. However, what are the odds that you have considered pursuing aerial yoga teacher training?  [...]

Why Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is the Next Logical Step2020-09-09T10:16:21+00:00

How is Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India Different from the World


Yoga is very different in India from what most people in the world know. In the rest of the world, people consider yoga more as a form of exercise than as a spiritual discipline. As a result, most people who come to India for their yoga teacher training course are usually in for a great shock. They cannot align what they have known and seen about yoga to what they are about to get here. Worse, because they come to India with certain pre-conceived notions and biases, they usually end up having a bad experience. The key to preventing this is [...]

How is Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India Different from the World2020-09-06T08:35:31+00:00

A Guide to Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners


One thing that everyone will agree to is that it is much more difficult to get into yoga teacher training than yoga itself. You will find yoga schools and studios at every corner of the street, more so due to its recent growing popularity. However, finding a standard yoga teacher training school is not that easy, a good one even less so. Moreover, for beginners, who have no idea what is good and what is not, the decisions and choices become even more difficult. They will often step into things first and realize their mistake later. Yet, it is the beginners [...]

A Guide to Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners2020-09-06T08:42:35+00:00

10 Reasons to Learn Yoga in Rishikesh India Over Any Other Place


If you have been around for a while, you probably already have read at least ten articles that say “Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga.” But is that a good enough reason to pack your bags and just blindly start off for the city? Absolutely not. Wisdom lies in judging and making your own decision. A lot of people will tell you to learn yoga in Rishikesh, India, only: they have done it, it’s awesome, etc. But people say a lot of things; doesn’t make it automatically true. It should take a lot more to convince you to actually go for [...]

10 Reasons to Learn Yoga in Rishikesh India Over Any Other Place2020-09-26T11:30:45+00:00