aerial yoga - anti gravity yoga

One of the reasons for the popularity of yoga in itself is the lack of monotony in its practice. Going to the gym every day, working on the same machines and with the same equipment can make exercise boring. However, giving up physical activity altogether can seriously hamper your health. Yoga provides a great alternative to this. Doing different types of asanas and exercises each day can really make daily exercise interesting. However, not everyone might find it feasible. Someone might have chronic pain, joint problems, or another physical disability that prevents them from practicing regular or conventional yoga styles. But they need not worry. There is actually a form of yoga that can help them overcome these physical hurdles. And it is called aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga.

What Is Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga Style shares many similarities with traditional yoga in terms of poses or asanas. However, there is one big difference. While people practice conventional yoga on a mat on the ground, you need to suspend yourself above the ground from an aerial style yoga hammock to perform asanas. One of the most well-known and referred to one is named as, “silk hammock”. The activity in itself is a combination of traditional yoga poses, acrobatics, Pilates, and dance moves. An alternative to the yoga hammock is the yoga trapeze that many prefer nowadays. 

Even if you have absolutely no issue with conventional yoga, you can still always join flying yoga courses. They pack a lot of vigorous activity in a short span of time and is usually a lot of fun. The recent craze among people for aerial silk yoga among people, especially celebrities, is a good indication of its many benefits. 

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

If you are debating the merits of joining this yoga style, the following aerial hammock yoga benefits should convince you.

Improves Flexibility

Aerial yoga, by nature, provides a lot of scope for stretching your body. Since the restriction of the ground is no longer there, it allows for better and greater stretches. This, in turn, contributes to a faster enhancement in the flexibility of the body of the person doing aerial style yoga. 

Relieves Stress

Aerial yoga poses are designed to rejuvenate and energize your body as well as your mind. Aerial hammock yoga helps release endorphins in the body even more than other exercises or yoga forms. This greatly aids in providing relief from any stress or pressure that has built up in your body.

Releases Muscles and Joints

The inherent stretching motions of aerial silk yoga have another advantage. It helps open up your joints and release your muscles. This is especially beneficial for those with sedentary lifestyles, who spend hours in their chairs hunched over their desks or peering at their computers. Aerial silk yoga will help alleviate the stiffness in their bodies.

Eases Back Pain

Aerial yoga can greatly help in decompressing the spine, which, in turn, works wonders for back pain. Moreover, your back, and thus, your spine, provides most of the support and not your appendages. Therefore, it helps work the back muscles that other physical activities hardly ever exert enough.

Boosts Core Strength

One of the biggest benefits of aerial silk yoga is the improvement of core body strength without too much exertion. As already mentioned, aerial hammock yoga mostly exerts the central body, especially the upper parts. Thus, it greatly helps boost upper body strength without putting too much stress on your limbs.

Aids With Mat Poses

If you are one of the people who struggle with mat poses that require balance, like inversions and backbends, aerial style yoga can come to your rescue. The aerial hammock gives your body extra support for doing these poses and helps you find your center. This in turn provides you with the necessary guidance for acing the corresponding mat poses.

Teaches Body and Breath Control

Aerial hammock yoga is all about finding balance and maintaining your centre of gravity. It requires you to exercise controlled breathing and hold your body still in the same position for a certain period of time. This is a great way to teach your body control and restraint while keeping your breath steady and uniform.

Provides Complete Workout

One aerial yoga class is like a full-body workout in itself. It counts as cardio and burns calories easily. Aerial style yoga workouts help to burn fat while increasing muscle mass, pushing you towards a healthy body steadily. It requires the exertion of every part of your body, but with minimum impact and maximum support.

Empowers Disabled People

One of the biggest issues in today’s holistic healthcare industry is the lack of accessibility in workouts. Aerial silk yoga really solves this problem and makes it possible for disabled people to get good exercise without the limitations that other forms of exercise often poses for them.

Elevates Mood

Anti Gravity yoga, due to the suspension it provides to the body, acts as a great mood stimulator. It helps to release serotonin & dopamine, these are the hormones which are responsible for the mood elevation. Thus, for people suffering from mental health issues, aerial hammock yoga can be a godsend to tackle those problems.

Join An Aerial Course Today

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